Smiling photo of a man

Jorge is a Beacon for New Patients

Born with a malformed hip joint, Jorge began limping badly by age 11. By age 25, the difference in his leg lengths was over 5cm and his limp and pain were so severe he could no longer enjoy life. He lost his job and plunged into depression. In 2012, CAMTA performed three surgeries on him in one week. The first two resulted in some complications, but the surgical team came up with a plan for the third surgery that worked. It changed his life. In the following years, Jorge returned to CAMTA to work with our physiotherapy team, Kristen Redhead, Lois Flackstad and Brenda Corie. He demonstrated exercises to patients who were slated for surgery, and gave them inspiration and reassurance. “I will be here every year because this is how my heart feels, how my soul feels, and it is good to help other people,” Jorge said and gave me a big hug.

Jorge Chulde