Sadly, we were unable to travel to Ecuador in 2024; we are now working towards Mission 2025.

Mission 2024 Team Members

Name Role
Abdulrahman Abuhaimed Resident - Orthopedics
Adela Sandigo Gross RN - Ward - Adult
Alessandra Gessner Physician - Family Practice
Amelia Vachon Respiratory Therapist
Anita Bealer Physiotherapist
April Zhiwei Gu RN - Ward - Adult
Ashlee Dobbe Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Aspen Lillywhite Student - Medical
Bailey Roschkov Student - Nursing
Barb Moreau Administration
Barbara-Lynne Furler Physiotherapist
Laurie Bright Communications - Mission Blogger
Brenda Bui RN - Recovery Room - Pediatric
Briana Toews Lay Person
Cheryl Holt RN - Operating Room - Adult
Christine Chan Physiotherapist
Danielle Stachiw Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Darrel Comeau Communications - Mission Blogger
Dave Henderson Physiotherapist
David Sommerfreund Physician - Anesthesiologist - Pediatric
Deb Chalupa RN - Ward - Adult
Deborah Freelove RN - Recovery Room - Pediatric
Donna Brown Lay Person
Brian Knight Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Edward Masson Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Ellen Coristine O.R. Technician
Emma Haney RN - Recovery Room - Pediatric
Erika Nguyen Physician - Anesthesiologist - Pediatric
Frank Ramadori Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Francisco Gallardo Translator/Logistics
Gabriella Vasas Resident - Orthopedics
Grace Bredlow Student - Nursing
Greg Zinter Information Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk
Hannah Singleton Administration
Neyma McElhaney Translator
Heather Jackman Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Jackie Wiebe Administration
Jasmine Roth Lay Person
Jessica Mayer Lay Person
Jennifer Kitzan Mohammed Communications - Mission Blogger
Joanne Montgomery Physiotherapy Assistant
Joshua Gallup RN - Ward - Adult
Karen Calhoun Lay Person
Karen Bunner Lay Person
Kathryn Palamarek RN - Operating Room - Pediatric
Kelsie Marusak RN - Ward - Adult
Kelty Ennis RN - Ward - Pediatric
Paul Kooner Resident - Orthopedics
Lauren Dobson RN - Operating Room - Pediatric
Loraine Best RN - Operating Room - Adult
Marc Moreau Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Margaret Ropcean RN - Recovery Room - Adult
Maria Echaiz-Eguren Translator
Mariah Letts RN - Operating Room - Pediatric
Marni Wesner Physician - Family Practice
Megan Cashin Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Megan Bruno Translator
Megan Miller RN - Ward - Pediatric
Melissa Berg RN - Recovery Room - Adult
Malcolm Howard Physician - Anesthesiologist - Pediatric
Michele Derbyshire RN - Operating Room - Pediatric
Michele Vincent Lay Person
Michael Bremner Student - General
Neil Saran Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Nicole Masson RN - Operating Room - Pediatric
Nicole Webb Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Noah Chies Lay Person
Odette Brown O.R. Technician
Olivia Vincent Student - General
Paolo Spinello Resident - Orthopedics
Patsy Lanigan RN - Operating Room - Adult
Pauline Worsfold RN - Recovery Room - Adult
Paulose Paul Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Peggy Prodor Lay Person
Rachel Ontko Translator
Rachel Oates Physiotherapist
Rana Harris Translator
Rayanne Hillier RN - Operating Room - Adult
Rachel Jolley Resident - Anesthesia
Rhea Tuyo RN - Operating Room - Adult
Ryan Wright Physician - Family Practice
Saison Demitor O.R. Technician
Shannon Faulkner RN - Ward - Adult
Sofie Hooft Toomey Student - General
Sonia Fuentes Rodriguez Physician - Family Practice
Sophia Kostamo Student - General
Spencer Lindsay Resident - Orthopedics
Surita Sidhu Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Terry Blois Information Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk
Timothy Kostamo Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Tina Marthaller Information Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk
Treena Erbach RN - Ward - Adult
Victor Eguren-Echaiz Translator
Wendy Hammoud RN - Operating Room - Adult