2014 Mission

In February and March 2014, CAMTA return to Ecuador for the thirteenth year in a row. Once again, we took two separate teams of 96 people in total, and stayed for a total of 17 days.

In that time, CAMTA changed the lives of 35 adults who were suffering from debilitating orthopedic problems. Our surgical team performed 44 hip replacements on the 35 adults (some had both hips replaced the same day!).  Many of these people were previously bed-ridden and unable to work to support their families. Most of them have returned to work with renewed strength and vigour. 

We also performed 35 procedures on 27 children, including corrections of complex foot deformities (e.g. club feet), tendon releases and reduction of dislocated hips. For the second year, CAMTA used the Ponseti method of casting,  a non-invasive and very successful way to treat club feet in babies.

This year over 200 people came to our clinics at Un Canto a la Vida Hospital in Quito hoping for orthopedic intervention. So there is still plenty of work to do! 


Adam PetriwTranslator
Adela Sandigo GrossRN – Ward – Adult
Alex WebbStudent – General
Aline Pourbaix YoungAdministration
Alyssa ChappellRN – Ward – Pediatric
Amanda EnglishStudent – Nursing
Anita GregorskiLicensed Practical Nurse
Armando EscalonaRespiratory Therapist
Ashlee DobbePhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Pediatric
Barb MoreauAdministration
Brenda CoriePhysiotherapist
Brenda NobleRN – Operating Room – Adult
Carolyn HuiPhysician – Anesthesiologist – Adult
Cathy MoreauLay Person
Cathy HutchinsonRN – Operating Room – Adult
Chase CampbellStudent – General
Chelsea DeLongRN – Ward – Pediatric
Christine LaiRN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Cori DysartRN – Operating Room – Adult
Daniel LefebvreLay Person
David SalikenResident – Orthopedics
Deb ChalupaRN – Ward – Adult
Denis VincentPhysician – Family Practice
Dianne CortezRN – Ward – Pediatric
Donna BrownRN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Dorothy LatimerRN – Recovery Room – Adult
Douglas ArmstrongPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Pediatric
Edward MassonPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Adult
Eileen GuilfoyleRN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Faisal KassamRN – Recovery Room – Adult
Francisco GallardoTranslator
Glenn DayRespiratory Therapist
Grace WoodroffeStudent – Nursing
Greg ZinterInformation Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk
Hannah TurnerTranslator
In Memory of Consuelo AlvarezTranslator
Jadene WhiteLay Person
James McInnesResident – Orthopedics
James JarvisPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Pediatric
Jance McGaleResident – Orthopedics
Janet YonedaPhysician – Family Practice
Jeffery CampbellResident – Anesthesia
Jeffery LamontagneRN – Operating Room – Adult
Jenna TiedemannRN – Recovery Room – Pediatric
Jim RasoInformation Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk
Joanne MontgomeryPhysiotherapist
John LilleyPhysician – Anesthesiologist – Pediatric
Judith ChaffeeRN – Ward – Adult
Julie CadrinRN – Ward – Pediatric
Justine FergusonPhysiotherapy Assistant
Karen CalhounLay Person
Karla GambierRN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Katherine Cabrejo-JonesResident – Orthopedics
Kathleen (Kathy) ThackerayLay Person
Kathryn FryPhysician – Anesthesiologist – Pediatric
Kathy BonitzRN – Operating Room – Adult
Kim CossittOrthopedic Technologist
Kristen RedheadPhysiotherapist
Libby GrahamCommunications – Mission Blogger
Lisa BleackleyRN – Ward – Adult
Lisa LovseStudent – Medical
Lois FlakstadPhysiotherapist
Lucina M. CorreaTranslator
Mairi GordonRN – Recovery Room – Adult
Marc MoreauPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Pediatric
Mark SloanPhysician – Anesthesiologist – Pediatric
Marta MoraTranslator
Masaru YukawaPhysician – Anesthesiologist – Adult
Matthew MoreauTravel Person/Logistics
Megan CashinPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Pediatric
Michelle LordRN – Operating Room – Adult
Myriam van DiestTranslator
Natalie KlawitterRN – Ward – Adult
Nordahl FlakstadTranslator
Owen EdmondsonLay Person
Paul MoreauPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Adult
Paul LeungPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Adult
Pauline WorsfoldRN – Recovery Room – Adult
Peggy ProdorLay Person
Rachel OatesPhysiotherapist
Rae Lim-CheungRN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Rejean CloutierPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Adult
Ryan WrightPhysician – Family Practice
Saifee RashiqPhysician – Anesthesiologist – Adult
Saison DemitorO.R. Technician
Sammy RuizTranslator/Logistics
Sarah PageLay Person
Shannon PowellRN – Ward – Pediatric
Steve van DiestTranslator
Sumit GuptaPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Pediatric
Toby CubittTranslator
Tom ThackerayLay Person
Tracey RiceRN – Operating Room – Adult