February, 2017 – CAMTA Mission 2017 profiled on Ecuador TV

Steve van Diest has travelled to Ecuador with CAMTA three times. Steve films our volunteers as they travel to Quito, and our work once we arrived. He also offers his expertise as a Spanish translator whenever needed. Take a look at these short documentaries Steve made in 2014.


Settling in:

First Surgeries: This one has scenes in the Operating Room – Viewer Discretion Advised

Introducing Some Patients:

First Steps

Regional Hospital Director Dr. Danilo Vicente Corral Moscoso Encalada, said that thanks to the support of the Ecuador government through the Ministry of Health, public health has considerably improved its services, especially Emergency treatment. (This interview is in Spanish)

Video Not available

A CBC reporter and videographer joined the CAMTA team in Quito, Ecuador in 2006 and produced this informative video.

Airport Below Zero is a series filmed by Our House Media. This series was aired in November 2106 on The History Channel.