In February/March 2018 completed our sixteenth successful Mission in Quito! Ninety-five volunteers from all over Canada and Ecuador changed the lives of 37 adults and 25 children with desperately needed orthopedic surgeries. Five of the adults and nine of the children had more than one surgery. 

Our team enjoyed a visit from Canadian Ambassador to Ecuador, Marianick Tremblay. Ambassador Tremblay donned our blue scrubs, toured the administration area, kitchen (sterilizing area), pre-op, and even headed to the OR to watch a total hip replacement. Afterwards, she went up to the ward to visit with recovering patients.

Local Ecuadorian orthopod, Dr. Juan Carlos Zabala, scrubbed in with our surgeons, and continues to share new techniques with local medical personnel.

During the mission, groups of our medical volunteers participated in several presentations to local physiotherapists, nurses, general practitioners and orthopedic surgeons, residents and medical students on topics including rehabilitation techniques for stroke survivors, pre-surgery fasting guides, non-surgical treatment of osteoarthritis and adult and pediatric orthopedic topics.

Adela Sandigo GrossRN – Ward – Adult
Alessandra GessnerPhysician – Family Practice
Alex CerezoTranslator
Alexandra SmolinskiPhysiotherapist
Aline Pourbaix YoungAdministration
Alyssa ChappellRN – Ward – Pediatric
Alyssa WilkieRN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Amy RauschRN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Angela NeufeldPhysician – Anesthesiologist – Adult
Anna HebertPhysiotherapist
Barb MoreauAdministration
Barbara-Lynne FurlerPhysiotherapist
Beverly RunkaRN – Recovery Room – Pediatric
Brenda WrightRN – Ward – Adult
Carole DugasLay Person
Cathleen ClarkeRN – Operating Room – Adult
Christa HoeflingLay Person
Damaris Gaete OrtegaTranslator
Danielle BeckerRN – Ward – Adult
Dasha JohnstonRN – Recovery Room – Pediatric
Deb ChalupaRN – Ward – Adult
Dedra ScottRespiratory Therapist
Denise Raman-NairRN – Recovery Room – Pediatric
Don DickPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Pediatric
Donna BrownRN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Edward MassonPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Adult
Ella DunlopStudent – General
Elysia DziwenkaLay Person
Eric EntwistleRN – Recovery Room – Adult
Erica GravesRN – Ward – Adult
Erik SorianoPhysiotherapy Assistant
Erika NguyenPhysician – Anesthesiologist – Pediatric
Florian RudolphPhysician – Anesthesiologist – Pediatric
Francisco GallardoTranslator
Gillian KentRN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Gordon GiesbrechtLay Person
Grant ClarkeCommunications – Mission Blogger
Greg ZinterInformation Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk
Heather PerlRN – Operating Room – Adult
Jackie WiebeAdministration
Jance McGaleResident – Orthopedics
Jay ValenciaTranslator
Joanne MontgomeryPhysiotherapist
Jordan BundaCommunications – Mission Blogger
Julie CadrinRN – Ward – Pediatric
Justine FergusonPhysiotherapy Assistant
Justine TolentinoRN – Operating Room – Adult
Karen CalhounLay Person
Kathy BonitzRN – Operating Room – Adult
Kayla StricklandRN – Ward – Adult
Khaled AlmansooriPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Pediatric
Krystle ChilibeckiPhysiotherapist
Liz HoeppnerPhysician – Anesthesiologist – Pediatric
Lormirra Jezelle AlcantaraRN – Ward – Pediatric
Mairi GordonRN – Recovery Room – Adult
Marc MoreauPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Pediatric
Maria Echaiz-EgurenTranslator
Maria SiegristO.R. Technician
Marina FrancisRN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Mark RintoulRespiratory Therapist
Marni WesnerPhysician – Family Practice
Martha ValenciaTranslator
Megan SchafersRN – Ward – Pediatric
Melanie ElhafidTranslator
Natasha DugasStudent – Nursing
Neethling van den HeeverPhysician – Anesthesiologist – Adult
Neil SaranPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Pediatric
Nicole MassonStudent – General
Nicole WebbPhysician – Anesthesiologist – Adult
Odette BrownO.R. Technician
Olivier Gauthier-KwanResident – Orthopedics
Omer AhmadInformation Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk
Paul LeungPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Adult
Pauline WorsfoldRN – Recovery Room – Adult
Paulose PaulPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Adult
Peggy ProdorLay Person
Rachel OatesPhysiotherapist
Rayanne HillierRN – Operating Room – Adult
Ricardo RodasRN – Operating Room – Adult
Robert SealPhysician – Anesthesiologist – Pediatric
Ryan TitleyRN – Ward – Adult
Ryan WrightPhysician – Family Practice
Saison DemitorO.R. Technician
Sara McGaleStudent – General
Sarah NgoLay Person
Shelaina AndersonResident – Family Medicine
Shinner HsuRN – Ward – Adult
Silvia MartinTranslator
Steve ChevalierLay Person
Surita SidhuPhysician – Anesthesiologist – Adult
Sussana GaviriaTranslator
Tara BeatsonRN – Ward – Pediatric
Timothy KostamoPhysician – Orthopedic Surgeon – Adult
Troy BornesResident – Orthopedics
Veronica KongAdministration
YOUJIN CHANGResident – Orthopedics
Yvonne SawchynLay Person