It’s amazing what just under 100 people can do in a two-week mission! The 2012 mission to Quito, Ecuador was our 11th mission and a celebration of our 10th year working with the wonderful people at the Tierra Nueva Foundation. The mission took place from February 18 to March 6. Over that two-week period, 89 team members brought new hope to many lives by performing surgeries on 39 adults and 24 children including

  • 34 single hip surgeries, 4 bilateral hip surgeries plus 1 revision (Flavio)
  • 10 club foot repairs
  • 5 femoral osteotomies and  5 pelvic osteotomies
  • 2 open reductions of hips
  • 7 tendon releases for correction of residual foot deformities in children with Cerebral Palsy
  • 1 plate removal with hemi-epiphyseolysis and  1 solitary plate removal

CAMTA medical personnel shared clinical consultations during rounds at hospitals in Loja and Babahoyo.

CAMTA donated a video laryngoscope (Glidescope) to Tierra Nueva. This $15, 000 piece of equipment is used to intubate adult or pediatric patients and provide safe anaesthesia. An anesthesiologist on our team taught the Tierra Nueva anesthesiologists how to use the Glidescope. Thanks to Verathon Corporation for making this happen.

CAMTA loaned a SIGN Nail system to the hospital in Babahoyo, Los Rios, Ecuador. There are now three CAMTA supported SIGN Nail systems in place in Ecuador. In addition, CAMTA placed surgical and anesthetic equipment and operating room shelving in the hospital in Quito, and Bair Huggers in the hospital in Cuenca.  The hospital in Babahoyo received a SIGN Nail system and the hospital in Loja received nails to replace those which they had used over the past year.

Team members presented physiotherapy, nursing, and orthopedic teaching sessions to medical staff. CAMTA always makes an effort to provide educational opportunities for the Ecuadorians.  Additional CAMTA presentations included

  • a presentation to the office of the Vice President of Ecuador on early treatment of hip and foot deformities and the SIGN Nail system
  • a presentation to grade 9 to 12 students at Academia Cotopaxi High School on the Power of Volunteerism as a component of global citizenship.

As well, CAMTA built on their connections with Life Pharma and members and friends of the Board of the Foundation Tierra Nueva.

Our representatives  also met with the President of the Ecuadorean Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

But it wasn’t all work – some team members took in soccer games, while others went sightseeing in the Old Town, hiking, or visiting the nearby hot springs on their one day off. Still others went on a field trip to the equator.

Our 2012 Team Members – Week 1* indicates both weeks 
* Marc Moreau Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
Jay JarvisPediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
John McIvorPediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
Paul LeungAdult Orthopedic Surgeon
Rejean CloutierAdult Orthopedic Surgeon
* Paul Moreau Adult Orthopedic Surgeon
Darlene HammellGeneral Practitioner
Mary HurlburtGeneral Practitioner
Matt SousterOrthopedic Resident
* John LilleyPediatric Anesthetist
Florian RudolphPediatric Anesthetist
Sam StetskpAdult Anethetist
Amanda Roze des OrdonsAdult Anethetist
Andy EscalonaRespiratory Therapist
Peter MacPhersonMedical Student
*Eileen GuilfoylePediatric OR Nurse
Darlene KnappPediatric OR Nurse
Loretta TessierPediatric OR Nurse
Ruhil CampbellAdult OR Nurse
Kiron JhassAdult OR Nurse
Marina MacLeodAdult OR Nurse
Jackie McDonaldAdult OR Nurse
Lynne KorobanikPediatric RR Nurse
Mairi GordonPeds/Adult RR Nurse
Sue WrightAdult RR Nurse
Joanne BrownPediatric Ward Nurse
Sabrina BrownPediatric Ward Nurse
* Melissa MartinAdult Ward Nurse
* Deb ChalupaAdult Ward Nurse
Judy ChaffeeAdult Ward Nurse
Maureen CarpenterAdult Ward Nurse
Danielle BeckerStudent Nurse
Rachel OatesPhysiotherapist
Kate PronovostPhysiotherapist
Justine FergusonPhysiotherapist
*Barb MoreauAdministration
*Aline YoungAdministration
*Matthew MoreauLogistics
*Dan DucholkeI.T.
Consuela AlvarezTranslator
Olivia WeberTranslator
Elma MehmedbegovicTranslator
Lucina CorreaTranslator
Maryna MuzychenkoTranslator
Wincy HoLayperson
Janet EmmettLayperson
*Cathy MoreauLayperson
Jennifer KitzanLayperson
Jonathan LeungStudent
Craig CourchesneStudent
Elaine EdmondsonCommunications – Blog
Our 2012 Team Members – Week 2 
Tim CareyPediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
Luis PiedrahitaPediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
Lance BredoAdult Orthopedic Surgeon
Gayle HiebertGeneral Practitioner
Denis VincentGeneral Practitioner
Alex RezanoffOrthopedic Resident
Dave CubittPediatric Anesthetist
Natalie Buu                        Pediatric Anesthetist
Saifee RashiqAdult Anesthetist
Glenn DayRespiratory Therapist
Shawna PandyaMedical Student
Donna BrownPediatric OR Nurse
Shannon BeggPediatric OR Nurse
Karen AguanaAdult OR Nurse
Cori KalvenAdult OR Nurse
Trina LeBlancAdult OR Nurse
Dorthy SyAdult OR Nurse
Bev RunkaPediatric RR Nurse
Pauline WorsfoldPeds/Adults RR Nurse
Erin RezansoffAdult RR Nurse
Tracey BernardinPediatric Ward Nurse
Sarah SouthonPediatric Ward Nurse
Adela SandigoAdult Ward Nurse
Lisa BleakleyAdult Ward Nurse
Adam PetriwStudent Nurse
Brenda CoriePhysiotherapist
Judy BlackPhysiotherapist
Stacy RivalinPhysiotherapist
Maddy MacKechnieTranslator
Sammy RuizTranslator
Miriam van DiestTranslator
Steve van DiestTranslator
Toby CubittTranslator
Amanda PelletierLayperson
Brent DysartLayperson
Wendy ReadLayperson
Victoria MicekStudent
Claudine Domingue              Communications – Blog