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Around the world, one in every 1000 babies is born with a club foot. In Ecuador, the majority of these children are never treated at birth, making learning to walk difficult or impossible.

Ecuador also has a particularly high incidence of hip dysplasia, a birth defect which can cripple a person by the age of thirty.

Poverty and limited access to medical assistance often means that children born with these conditions live with pain and limited mobility their entire lives.

It doesn't have to be that way. CAMTA is making a difference – and you can help. 


Here are our WINNERS as of September 15th for CAMTA's September 2017 Cash Calendar Raffle. Congratulations!

Draw #7 - September 11th, Prize Amount $25: Calendar #429, C. Park  

Draw #8 - September 12th, Prize Amount $75: Calendar #020, G. Clarke

Draw #9 - September 13th, Prize Amount $50: Calendar #307, C. Neufeld

Draw #10 - Septemer 14th, Prize Amount $25: Calendar #206, A. Lie

Draw #11 - September 15th, Prize Amount $200: Calendar #120, J. Pozak-Anders

PAST WINNERS - Draws #1 - 6

Draw #1 - September 1st, Prize Amount $100: Calendar #345, G. Smith  

Draw #2 - September 4th, Prize Amount $50: Calendar #500, N. van den Heever

Draw #3 - September 5th, Prize Amount $25: Calendar #233, S. Watts

Draw #4 - Septemer 6th, Prize Amount $75: Calendar #458, M. Harrigan

Draw #5 - September 7th, Prize Amount $200: Calendar #059, B. Keylor

Draw #6 - September 8th, Prize Amount $25: Calendar #164, C. Cadrin



My biggest take away is always the people -the patients, the families and the volunteers. It never ceases to amaze me how much people give of themselves without asking for anything in return.

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