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Apply now to join our team and travel to Quito, Ecuador! Our 2023 mission will be Feb. 17th -27th (week one) and February 24th – March 6th (week two).

Mission 2023 Team Members

Name Role
Adela Sandigo Gross RN - Ward - Adult
Alessandra Gessner Physician - Family Practice
Amelia Vachon Respiratory Therapist
April Zhiwei Gu RN - Ward - Adult
Ashlee Dobbe Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Barbara Moreau Administration
Barbara-Lynne Furler Physiotherapist
Rebekah Hazell O.R. Technician
Beverly Runka RN - Recovery Room - Pediatric
Bonnie Cluney Lay Person
Brigitta Riley Resident - Anesthesia
Caroline McCarthy Lay Person
Carrey Martin RN - Recovery Room - Adult
Charlie Secretan Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Coreen Nelson Lay Person
Danielle Stachiw Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Danika Vautour Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Darrel Comeau Communications - Mission Blogger
David Sommerfreund Physician - Anesthesiologist - Pediatric
David Nelson Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Deb Chalupa RN - Ward - Adult
Deborah Freelove RN - Recovery Room - Adult
Deborah Mears Lay Person
Donna Brown RN - Operating Room - Pediatric
Erika Nguyen Physician - Anesthesiologist - Pediatric
Fatima Gallardo Translator
Francisco Gallardo Translator/Logistics
Gabrielle Daneluik Licensed Practical Nurse
Giannina Gentili O.R. Technician
Gillian Kent RN - Operating Room - Pediatric
Gloria Esperanza Morales Translator
Grace Bredlow Student - Nursing
Greg Zinter Information Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk
Neyma McElhaney Translator
Holly Schellenberg O.R. Technician
Ina Verheul O.R. Technician
Jacques Vincent Student - General
Jaklin Sadeh RN - Operating Room - Adult
Janice Belter Physiotherapist
Jenna Nodding Physiotherapist
Jessica Zapata Student - Medical
Jennifer Kitzan Mohammed Lay Person
Joanne Montgomery Physiotherapy Assistant
Joshua Gallup RN - Ward - Adult
Karen Calhoun Lay Person
Kelsie Marusak RN - Ward - Adult
Kevin Gregg Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Khaled Almansoori Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Kristin Hinton Resident - Orthopedics
Kristen Violette RN - Operating Room - Adult
Lydia Neufeld Communications - Mission Blogger
Marc Moreau Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Margaret Ropcean RN - Recovery Room - Adult
Maria Echaiz-Eguren Translator
Ines Swansburg Translator
Mary Klute RN - Ward - Pediatric
Malcolm Howard Resident - Anesthesia
Michele Derbyshire RN - Operating Room - Pediatric
Michele Vincent Lay Person
Michelle Lord RN - Operating Room - Adult
Madonna Ly Lay Person
Neil Saran Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Odette Brown O.R. Technician
Pauline Worsfold RN - Recovery Room - Adult
Paulose Paul Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Peggy Prodor Lay Person
Peter Ratcliff Lay Person
Krystan Publow Orthopedic Technologist
Rachel Oates Physiotherapist
Raj Dhillon Physiotherapist
Rayanne Hillier RN - Operating Room - Adult
Ricardo Bittencourt Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Rhea Tuyo RN - Operating Room - Adult
Ryan Wright Physician - Family Practice
Saison Demitor O.R. Technician
Sehrish Nasser Respiratory Therapist
Sarah Lim RN - Operating Room - Adult
Sofie Hooft Toomey Student - General
Sophia Kostamo Student - General
Surita Sidhu Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Tegan McGraw RN - Ward - Pediatric
Terry Blois Information Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk
Timothy Kostamo Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Timothy Smith Translator/Logistics
Terry Olsen Physician - Family Practice
Treena Erbach RN - Ward - Adult
Victor Eguren-Echaiz Translator
Victoria Wong RN - Ward - Pediatric
Vivian Sadeh Communications - Mission Blogger