Privacy Policy

Canadian Association of Medical Teams Abroad (CAMTA) Respects Your Right to Privacy as a donor and as a member

When you make a donation to CAMTA, you are entrusting us with very important financial and personal information, and we understand that you may have concerns about privacy issues on the Internet. CAMTA feels that protecting the privacy of our donors is one of our most important jobs.

When you become a member of CAMTA you share with the organization important personal information to enable your participation in our charitable work.

Your personal information, although it is shared with CAMTA, belongs to you. When we refer to “personal information” we mean any information about an identifiable individual, whether it concerns your email address, where you live, your interests or which organizations you support. Donors’ personal information will never be shared, traded, sold or used in any manner not explicitly approved by you. We do not swap mailing lists, share donor information or sell phone numbers. Only CAMTA executive and employees are allowed to access this personal information. We are required to store donor’s personal information by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). It also helps protect you in the case of a lost or missing receipt, because we can re-issue a receipt for your tax purposes. Finally, the storage of personal information helps protect you against credit card fraud, because the records of all transactions are kept for reference in the case of a dispute. During the course of your donation, your credit card information is processed by Beanstream. The only other circumstances under which we would divulge any personal donor information to a third party is upon subpoena or order from a legitimate court, police agency, the CRA, or if requested by a credit card issuer in the case of a dispute. In any case when your information is shared, CAMTA will demand reasonable assurance that third parties will protect your information in conformity with our privacy practices.

For donors, sending your personal information to CAMTA is necessary for us to issue you a tax receipt.

Members’ personal information about their participation in a CAMTA team is shared with other members of CAMTA. For instance each team member needs to know who is working with them on a project and be able to contact them by phone or e-mail to discuss plans and arrange meetings and work sessions. Members’ information is also shared with our receiving foundation in Ecuador for the purposes of obtaining local licensure of the health care professional volunteers. Similarly, personal information is shared with our travel agents to enable the members’ travel plans. Members’ may request that certain telephone numbers not be divulged but it is necessary to share e-mail addresses to maintain communication.

If you have questions about the privacy of information please contact us using the information on our website.

Privacy is important to you, and it is important to us.

Canadian Association of Medical Teams Abroad (CAMTA) Online Security Policy

Your privacy and security is important to us. We work carefully to ensure that your personal information is kept safe and secure throughout the transaction process. Our donation page was built by Parcom Online to comply with the security requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. On any pages where you perform financial transactions, CAMTA encrypts your data using Secure Socket Layers (SSL), the industry standard security protocol. This allows you to send and receive information without the worry of having that sensitive data (such as your credit card or home address) intercepted by anyone other than yourself and CAMTA. You know that the page you are viewing is secure when your browser displays a ‘closed lock’ or other symbol to let you know that SSL has been enabled.

If you have questions about security please contact us using the information on our website.