Marco continued to work even though he was in pain

Marco's mom helps with the children


Marco Masapunte 53 years old, has a 15 year old daughter and 7 year old son. Although his wife works as a travel agent, they depend mostly on his income as an Electronic Technician. He has been in pain for 3 years. He worked most days, stopping only when the pain was too excruciating.

Hip replacement starts with an x-ray to show the state of the hip prior to surgery.  Notice the deterioration on the right side. 

Ellen Coristine, Adult OR Tech, Jack Oliver, Adult Orthopedic Surgeon, Tim Kostamo, Adult Orthopedic Surgeon, Charles Bouchard, Orthopedic Resident

The surgery removes the worn out hip ball and cleans the socket to receive a new metal ball and socket.  The surgical area is closed and the patient is taken to recovery to recover from the anesthetic and insure that he is safe to go to the ward.

Marco between Vera Milligan and Raj Dhillon, Physiotherapists

Techniques used in the surgery such as cutting as few muscles as possible aids in enabling patients to walk as soon as possible after surgery. Marco was up and walking within a few hours of the operation.