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Ecuadoreans helping Ecuadoreans

One of the highlights of our "down-time" on a CAMTA MIssion is the opportunity to see and purchase ARIU Jewels created by Byron Ushina.

We first met Byron in 2008 at  the weekend market at Parque El Ejido in Quito. Since then, Byron has set up a display of his works at the hotel for each of the CAMTA teams. Every year Byron excites us with a new and beautiful collection of his unique and distinctive jewelry designs.  He gives us 10% off our purchases AND donates 10% of his sales those evenings to CAMTA.

Many of us have grown to love his work and now look forward to meeting with Byron and his wife Alexandra every year. 

Byron created a special piece to commemorate CAMTA's 10th Anniversary and has supported our efforts in Quito over the past few years. 

Take a look at some of his designs at http://www.ushinajewelry.com/index_eng.html


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