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2016 Mission

In 2016, CAMTA’s team of 90 volunteers - medical professionals and lay people - changed the lives of 69 Ecuadoreans and their families. We performed 35 procedures on 31 children and did 43 hip replacements for 38 adults. Five of those adults had BOTH hips replaced and walked out of the hospital a few days later!

We are happy to say that ALL of our patients were discharged before we left Quito that year. This doesn't always happen. Patients who have surgery late in Week Two often need to be cared for for a day or two by Dr. Manuel Ordoñez and the very competent staff at Un Canto a la Vida Hospital. Quito's Dr. Ordoñez saw or heard from all of our patients  shortly after the CAMTA team left Ecuador in March 2016 and all was well with everyone!

It's not all surgery. Four of our CAMTA surgeons and a resident presented at the Second Annual Tierra Nueva Foundation Conference on Orthopedics and Traumatology. Their talks were well received by local doctors, orthopedic residents and physiotherapists in attendance. We are already planning for the Third Conference in 2017.

We taught CPR to local nurses and nursing students, reviewing the basics of adult and child CPR, the Heimlich maneuver and the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator).

CAMTA physiotherapists met with  Ecuadorian physiotherapists and, with assistance from translators, discussed commonalities and differences between physiotherapy diagnostic and assessment protocols between the two countries. Future presentations, shadowing and information sharing will continue to build a collaborative relationship between the CAMTA  and the Tierra Nueva physiotherapists.  

And, as always, CAMTA ward nurses found ample opportunities throughout the Mission to share knowledge on the care of post-op orthopedic patients. 

2016 Team Members:

Name Role
Adam Petriw Translator
Adela Sandigo Gross RN – Ward – Adult
Alessandra Gessner Physician - Family Practice
Alexandra Tapia Translator
Aline Pourbaix Young Administration
Alyssa Chappell RN – Ward – Pediatric
Anika Boulay Student - General
April Olsen Student - General
Ashlee Dobbe Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Barb Moreau Administration
Bazilia Da Silva Physiotherapist
Beverly Runka RN – Recovery Room – Pediatric
Blair Gallant Respiratory Therapist
Brian Iniguez & Cybil Stephens Other
Carolyn Hui Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Carolyn Perry Lay Person
Cathy Moreau Lay Person
Cathy Hutchinson RN – Operating Room – Adult
Christine Lai RN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Dan Bruha Lay Person
Dana Deverdenne RN – Recovery Room – Pediatric
Daniel Lefebvre Lay Person
Deb Chalupa RN – Ward – Adult
Dianne Cortez RN – Ward – Pediatric
Don Dick Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Donna Brown RN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Donna Gray Lay Person
Edward Masson Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Emily Coggles Physiotherapist
Erica Nelson RN – Ward – Adult
Faisal Kassam RN – Recovery Room – Adult
Florian Rudolph Physician - Anesthesiologist - Pediatric
Francisco Gallardo Translator
Glenn Day Respiratory Therapist
Greg Zinter Information Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk
Heather Perl RN – Operating Room – Adult
Ian Stefanuk Student – General
In Memory of Consuelo Alvarez Translator
Jackie Wiebe Administration
Jacqueline Bron Translator
Jalal Nanji Resident - Anesthesia
James Jarvis Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Jenna So RN – Operating Room – Adult
Jim Raso Information Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk
Joanne Montgomery Physiotherapist
Judith Chaffee RN – Ward – Adult
Julianna Deutscher Communications – Mission Blogger
Julie Cadrin RN – Ward – Pediatric
Justine Ferguson Physiotherapy Assistant
Karen Calhoun Lay Person
Kathy Bonitz RN – Operating Room – Adult
Kayla Strickland RN – Ward – Adult
Kristen Redhead Physiotherapist
Lisa Bleackley RN – Ward – Adult
Mairi Gordon RN – Recovery Room – Adult
Marc Moreau Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Mary Hurlburt Physician - Family Practice
Masaru Yukawa Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Matthew Moreau Travel Person/Logistics
Megan Howlett Student - General
Megan Cashin Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Melisa Martin RN – Ward – Adult
Michele Derbyshire RN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Michelle Lord RN – Operating Room – Adult
Nayef Dajim Resident - Orthopedics
Neil Saran Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Norah Matthies Resident - Orthopedics
Pamela Potter Lay Person
Paul Moreau Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Paul Leung Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Pauline Worsfold RN – Recovery Room – Adult
Peggy Prodor Lay Person
Rachel Oates Physiotherapist
Rebecca Gray Translator
Ricardo Rodas RN – Operating Room – Adult
Robert Potter Lay Person
Robert Seal Physician - Anesthesiologist - Pediatric
Ryan Paul Resident - Orthopedics
Ryan Wright Physician - Family Practice
Saifee Rashiq Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Saison Demitor O.R. Technician
Sammy Ruiz Translator/Logistics
Savanna Rudland RN – Operating Room – Adult
Sebastian Rodriguez-Elizalde Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Shannon Powell RN – Ward – Pediatric
Simone La Guerre RN – Recovery Room – Adult
Stephanie Stacey Physician - Family Practice
Tegan McGraw RN – Ward – Pediatric
Timothy Kostamo Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Timothy Smith Translator
Toby Cubitt Translator
Wendy Read Lay Person

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