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2013 Mission

Our twelfth trip to Eucador,  CAMTA 2013 at the Un Canto a la Vida was another successful and rewarding mission.

Thirty  adults received hip arthroplasties.  We focus on adults who can return to work and make a difference in the lives of their families. Smith and Nephew, a major international orthopedic corporation, donated all the hip prostheses for the fifth consecutive year.

Our surgical teams performed 28 procedures on 20 children: hip surgeries, tendon surgeries, clubfoot surgeries and other operations. For the first time CAMTA used the Ponsetti casting method on three young children. This technique corrects congenital clubfoot without invasive surgery. All these kids will have more active childhoods and will grow up with healthy joints. 



CAMTA medical professionals offered teaching sessions to their Ecuadorean counterparts and donated surgical instruments to some of our host hospitals. We delivered a SIGN nail system to the Hospital in Macas.  Patients suffering broken bones in highway or farm accidents can now be treated  with SIGN intermedullary nails at this rural hospital, instead of having to travel to a larger center for more complex surgery, or, worse yet, not being treated at all.  Our partner Dr. Telmo Tapia is actively looking for another rural hospital where CAMTA can donate a SIGN system and train the medical personnel in its use in 2014. Drs. Paul Moreau and John Lilley also visited Babahoyo, where they gave instructions on an online reporting system, and tips for taking better photographs of X-rays.

Canadian Ambassador to Ecuador Pamela O'Donnell joined the CAMTA team at the hospital to see firsthand what we do. She spent an afternoon touring the OR and the Ward, observing part of a surgery and engaging with the team, patients and their families. Ambassador O'Donnell told the team that the work CAMTA does in Ecuador makes her very proud to be Canadian.

Ninety-two volunteers, from five Canadian provinces, one American state, and New Zealand, traveled to Quito to make the mission a success. Forty student translators from two high schools in Quito and several adult translators made explaining procedures to patients and their families much easier. We had two communications volunteers on-site to blog about the daily activities of the team. Other volunteers who stayed home in Canada gave their time and energy.

We received financial support from more than 1500 individuals and corporations, as well as donations of supplies and materials.  Rotary and Lions Clubs continue to support our work. A dozen Ecuadorean corporations donated food, supplies and medications.

Once again, we appreciate and value the team collaboration of the Tierra Nueva nurses, doctors, pharmacists, biomedical personnel and the social workers. 


Name Role  
Adela Sandigo Gross RN – Ward – Adult  
Alex Cabral Translator  
Alex Webb Student – General  
Alexandra Cevallos Translator  
Aline Pourbaix Young Administration  
Alyssa Chappell RN – Ward – Pediatric  
Andrea Woo Physician - Family Practice  
Andrew Broad Student – General  
Angela Rogers  
Armando Escalona Respiratory Therapist  
Barb Moreau Administration  
Ben Herman Resident - Orthopedics  
Brenda Corie Physiotherapist  
Cathy Moreau Lay Person  
Cori Dysart RN – Operating Room – Adult  
Deb Chalupa RN – Ward – Adult  
Denis Joly Student – Medical  
Dianne Cortez RN – Ward – Pediatric  
Donna Brown RN – Operating Room – Pediatric  
Edward Masson Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult  
Eileen Guilfoyle RN – Operating Room – Pediatric  
Erin Rezansoff RN – Recovery Room – Adult  
Francisco Gallardo Translator  
Glenn Day Respiratory Therapist  
Gloria Ribero RN – Ward – Adult  
Greg Zinter Information Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk  
Hannah Turner Translator  
In Memory of Consuelo Alvarez Translator  
Jackie McDonald RN – Operating Room – Adult  
James Jarvis Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric  
Janet Roberts Student – Medical  
Janice Kung Communications – Mission Blogger  
Jenn Kitzan Lay Person  
Jennifer Jiang Student – General  
Jim Raso Information Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk  
John Holmes Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult  
John Lilley Physician - Anesthesiologist - Pediatric  
Judith Black Physiotherapist  
Judith Chaffee RN – Ward – Adult  
Justine Ferguson Physiotherapy Assistant  
Kathy Bonitz RN – Operating Room – Adult  
Keisha St. Arnaud RN – Operating Room – Adult  
Khaled Almansoori Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric  
Kristen Redhead Physiotherapist  
Krystle Chilibecki Physiotherapist  
Lisa Bleackley RN – Ward – Adult  
Lori Finley RN – Recovery Room – Adult  
Lucina M. Correa Translator  
Lyn Demchuk RN – Operating Room – Adult  
Lynne Korobanik RN – Recovery Room – Pediatric  
Mairi Gordon RN – Recovery Room – Adult  
Marc Moreau Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric  
Marina MacLeod RN – Operating Room – Adult  
Marta Mora Translator  
Mary Hurlburt Physician - Family Practice  
Matthew Moreau Travel Person/Logistics  
Megan Cashin Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric  
Melaney Storozynski RN – Operating Room – Pediatric  
Natalie Buu Physician - Anesthesiologist - Pediatric  
Natasha Lineham RN – Ward – Pediatric  
Paul Moreau Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult  
Paul Leung Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult  
Pauline Worsfold RN – Recovery Room – Adult  
Rachel Oates Physiotherapist  
Rejean Cloutier Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult  
Robin Dufresne RN – Ward – Adult  
Sabrina Brown RN – Ward – Pediatric  
Saifee Rashiq Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult  
Saison Demitor O.R. Technician  
Sammy Ruiz Translator/Logistics  
Sandra Henkel Communications – Mission Blogger  
Sarah Lefebvre RN – Ward – Adult  
Scott Moorman Student – General  
Shannon Begg RN – Operating Room – Pediatric  
Shelley McEachern RN – Operating Room – Adult  
Shelly Carson RN – Ward – Adult  
Steven Harkema Student – Nursing  
Sumit Gupta Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric  
Toby Cubitt Translator  
Wendy Read Lay Person  

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