Physiotherapy across borders

CAMTA Physiotherapy team with the Tierra Nueva Physiotherapists

This morning our Physiotherapists, Barb Furler, Raj Dhillon, and Vera Milligan, visited the physiotherapists at the "Centro Medico Tierra Nueva"
The group discussed treatment of patients post op, and how the treatment differs between Ecuador and Canada. The similarities outweighed the differences. with the majority of issues in Ecuador being financial access to physiotherapy services  including access to pain management. 

In Canada, doctors will prescribe medications to manage pain after a surgery, but due to the financial difficulties many patients cannot afford the medicines and must manage pain without drugs. 

Many patients come from outside of Quito for their surgeries, and upon returning home are not able to follow up with their doctors or physiotherapist. CAMTA physiotherapists go over the therapy regime for our patients before they are discharged, to help them have successful outcomes.

Fundacion Tierra Nueva

Physiotherapists Raj Dhillon and Vera Milligan testing out the equipment