Full Circle

Marc and Barb Moreau with Dustin and Damon Rendon

When Dustin Rendon came to CAMTA with a club foot 17 years ago, Dr. Marc Moreau performed surgery on the young boy. Today Dustin and his twin brother, Damon, volunteer with CAMTA as translators for the team. 
When the boys' mother, Anita, brought the boys in for Dustin's surgery, a couple of Camta volunteers fell immediately in love with them, beginning a life long relationship between the family and CAMTA. Over the years, on return missions to Quito, the CAMTA volunteers would have something special for the boys and encouraged their enrolment in an English school, giving them a hand up in life. This generosity would be returned in spades, as the boys would return to be translators on future Missions in Quito. 
Due to family medical issues years back, the CAMTA volunteers would once again be there for the family, providing them with accommodation when they flew to Canada to receive treatment for.
With a clean bill of health, Anita is now enrolled in school to become a Dental Hygienist. The twins will be pursuing careers as Doctors once they are finished high school. Until then, CAMTA looks forward to having Dustin and Damon back with CAMTA where this beautiful relationship all started 17 years ago.