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Scott Buchanan

Please donate to me and support the CAMTA mission. In February of 2019 I will travel with CAMTA to Ecuador. The goal of our mission is to perform as many orthopedic surgeries as possible on Ecuadorians who don't have access to health care. Thank-you for your generous donation.

Goal - $3,400.00
Raised - $3,455.05

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Recent Online Donations

Name Amount
Ronald Brisebois $205.40
Message: Good luck Scott
Quentin Wensveen $205.40
Ryan Gamez $205.40
Message: Thanks for taking this mission up Scott
Dennis Djogovic $51.35
Danny Chen $100.00
Brian Knight $102.70
Jimmy Phung $25.67
Landon Berger $50.00
Rob Daniels $102.70
Ron Holdinga $250.00
Jerome Rivera $513.50
Anonymous $30.81
Tara Rimmer $102.70
Message: Have a great trip Scott!
Angela $25.67
Joel Berube $100.00
Tina Lucas MacPherson $51.35
William Burch $205.40
Terry Martens $1,027.00
Message: Thank you Scott for this work

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