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Yvonne Sawchyn

I believe in helping others, to pay it forward so to speak, and regardless of age a person is never to old to help with such a worthy cause as Camta. I was part of the 2017 and 2018 Mission and thoroughly enjoyed it and would like to part of the 2019 Mission again. Thank you Camta.

Facebook: Yvonne Jocelyn Sawchyn
Website: yvonesawchyn@hotmail.com

Goal - $3,400.00
Raised - $4,445.77

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Recent Online Donations

Name Amount
Anonymous $50.00
Message: You do not need my phone number, so it should not be a required field.
Barbara Arseneault $102.70
Message: Great service Yvonne. Happy to support you!!
Shirley Harkness $200.00
Message: I admire your dedication to CAMTA. You are an inspiration to all. Way to go my sister of the heart!
Anonymous $102.70
Message: Camta does wonderful work and Yvonne Sawchyn is a wonderful and caring individual and she's definitely a great asset to this cause.
Darlene Norring $50.00
Randy Skrepnek $102.70
Message: Good luck with your mission!
Guy Alfred Thibault $513.50
Rene Thibault $25.67
Message: Thanks for your work Rene
Dennis $51.35
Message: Proud of you Sis.
Marcel Thibault $102.70
Message: Wishing you and all your team a great Mission and safe traveling.
Dwayne Sawchyn $205.40
Message: Way to go Mom, so proud of you.
Barry Aubin $51.35
Message: Great job auntie Yvonne=
Doreen Marie Therese Thibault $102.70
Message: Great job Yvonne <:

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