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Helene Locas

I am Helene and work as a pediatric perioperative Nurse Clinician in Montreal. For more than 10 years now, I have been working with children who need surgery. It can be quite challenging at times, but so rewarding. I love my work! Next February, I will be participating in Mission CAMTA 2019 by donating my time and expertise for children in Ecuador. I feel very privileged to be part of this team, and I hope you will help me reach my goal. Most sincerely, Helene

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/helene.locas.1
Website: www.linkedin.com/in/ helene-locas-42076726

Goal - $3,400.00
Raised - $3,519.90

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Recent Online Donations

Name Amount
Laura Cantos $102.70
Message: Way to go Helene! You are such an inspiration! What a wonderful way to make this world just a little bit better :)
Anonymous $205.40
Message: Bravo, great commitment!
Eric Pitz $313.23
Bernard Pitz $50.00
Deborah Marsh $51.35
Message: This is so cool you are doing this Hélène! Proud of you!
Sylvain Durocher $102.70
Message: Quel projet humanitaire! Bon succès à toi et toute l'équipe.
Caroline Piché $50.00
Message: Good Luck! Belle mission!
Patricia Lore $51.35
Message: Best of luck! Have a great time!
Danielle Piche $51.35
Message: Bravo Hélène! Quelle expérience enrichissante! Nous penserons à toi!!
Suzanne Piché $205.40
Message: Une super expérience! Bravo!
Andy Paczoski and Beata Dusza $102.70
Message: Best of luck and Godspeed, Helene, in a truly worthy humanitarian endeavour!
Anonymous $25.67
Message: Bravo! Proud of you. Happy New Year.
Luc Paquet $51.35
Pierre Des Ormeaux $51.35
Message: Bravo Hélène ! quelle belle initiative ! France et moi sommes fiers de ton implication ! :)
France Leduc $51.35
Albert Hayoun $513.50
Message: Hélène, je suis fier de toi. La prochaine foi prend moi avec toi!
Ginette et Gaston Therrien $51.35
Message: Félicitations Hélène. Nous sommes fiers de toi! Tante Ginette et oncle Gaston
Manon Lambert $256.75
Message: Félicitation, une belle expérience et un beau geste de générosité. I am proud of you!
J.. F. Pitz $51.35
Message: Congratulations, Helen , and we are proud of you ! NIc & Jos
Sonia Jean $51.35
Anonymous $1,027.00
Message: Keep up the great work
Marie-Christine Pitz $102.70
Message: Bravo Hélène!

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