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Joshua Gallup

My name is Joshua Gallup and I am a fourth year nursing student studying at the University of Alberta. I'm honoured to have been chosen to travel with the CAMTA team in 2019! This will be my first year travelling to Ecuador to help those in need. I can't begin to express how much being a part of the mission to Ecuador means to me, both personally and professionally. One of the most important things I have learned in nursing school is how lucky we are in Canada to have such open access to health care. However, other places in the world are not so lucky. For this reason, I am interested in pursuing travel nursing after I graduate from nursing school. I want to contribute the skills I have learned in Canada to helping those around the world, and to make an impact on reducing global inequity. Participating in the CAMTA mission is my first step into that world! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for contributing to the 2019 CAMTA mission to Ecuador! Without the generous donations from our communities, missions such as this would not be able to take place.

Goal - $3,400.00
Raised - $3,441.37

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Anonymous $10.27
Calvin Kruger $25.67
Beth Malishewski $51.35
Robert C Milton $50.00
Robin Irwin-Traub $25.67
Oksana Kafara $25.67
Beth Malishewski $2,156.70
Kristin Eschyshyn $20.00
Sonia Reitsma $51.35
Emma Vogt $25.67
Jaskiran Bains $51.35
Reed Scheper $51.35
Anonymous $25.00
Mike Robinson $50.00
Message: Good luck Josh!
Emilia Fantauzzi $41.08
Nick McDonald $51.35
Erik Molyneaux $51.35
Scott Ruptash $25.67
Message: Cheers!
Celine Kremeniuk $40.00
Ben Goodwill $51.35
Kelsey Cleverdon $51.35
Robert Milton $30.00
Jenny Walters $25.67
Sonya Laan $25.67
Beth Malishewski $50.00
Derek Androschuk $20.00
Colin Szenes $51.35
Anonymous $30.81
Payton Damer $25.67

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