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Michele Vincent

I am proud and thrilled for the opportunity to volunteer with CAMTA and for all the support given towards this project. As Canadians, we are so fortunate to enjoy quality health care. Many poor people in Ecuador do not have any health care. CAMTA performs surgeries on children born with club feet and hip dysplasia. Adults who have hip dysplasia or other orthopedic congenital problems are also treated. Last year, CAMTA operated on 38 adults and 27 kids in two weeks. These surgeries transform lives and give hope to many people allowing them to live without pain and disability. Some patients literally cannot walk without the treatment CAMTA provides and the valuable donations people make to help support this mission. As volunteers, we are encouraged to share information about CAMTA and we are very grateful for all donations. All donations (over $20) are tax deductible. Thanks for viewing my page!

Facebook: Michele Vincent

Goal - $3,400.00
Raised - $3,458.00

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Recent Online Donations

Name Amount
Alvin George $51.35
Laura Pflughaupt $25.00
Message: Proud of you, Michele!
Wayne Malcolm Schafer $100.00
Gayle M Kelly $205.40
Message: Good luck with your fundraising. What a wonderful project :)
Leslie Hills $51.35
Cindy Lang $102.70
Message: You are doing some great work Michele, way to go!
Valerie Kupsch $205.40
Message: You're an inspiration Michelle!
Margaret Fairbairn $102.70
Barbara stratton $200.00
Message: Im so proud of you, Michele.
Deborah Babiuk $256.75
Armando Carmona $102.70
Julie Parent $102.70
Marion Andreas $102.70
Doreen Mueller $256.75
Glen Alan marko $102.70
Message: Very good cause Michelle Good luck
Anil Risbud $154.05
Message: Bravo et buen viaje.
Shannon May $256.75
Cheryl Mancell $51.35

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