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Raj Dhillon

This is my first year on a CAMTA Mission. I look forward to a wonderful experience, and contributing in a very positive meaningful manner.

Goal - $5,000.00
Raised - $5,313.14

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Recent Online Donations

Name Amount
Malcolm Toyad $102.70
Michelle Mayne $25.67
Jennifer van Strien $25.67
Message: What an amazing opportunity! Thank you!
Tania McDonald $102.70
Message: Dearest RD, I will always support positive people changing the world in positive ways in any way I can. I am so proud of you sincerely.
Katherine Schock $51.35
Message: We're excited to hear about the work that you do and the people you encounter on this mission, Raj.
Jennifer Leung $490.05
Sonu Sharma $205.40
Pardeep Dhillon $300.00
Terry Wong $51.35
Message: Great job Raj!
Arri McWatt $102.70
Message: Great job Raj! Have an amazing trip and keep doing amazing work for our profession and our world! Youre a hell of a role model!
Gurmeet Gill $205.40
Message: We are proud of you son! Good luck with your oncoming mission ! Our blessings are with you.
Omid Qaderi $102.70
Message: Much love for you brother. Wish you nothing but the best on your mission to serving others in need.
Blain Labranche $102.70
Message: Safe travels !!
Anonymous $25.67
Message: Although I do miss your mo, I am happy you're changing the world in different ways!
Sam Narayan $102.70
Gurjeet Dulai $100.00
Message: Way to go Raj. God bless.
Imran Chaudhry $51.35
Jeannie Hong $154.05
Message: This is so inspiring Raj! Have an amazing time!
Taty Mindana $51.35
Message: Proud of ya!
Cam Kuzyk $100.00
Message: I'm so proud of you kid
Harpal Gill $102.70
Message: Bless U.
Marek Komar $25.67
Message: Proud of your passion and courage to pursue your "why"!
Danny Butler $102.70
Everett Wong $102.70
Eugene Wong $102.70
Miguel Hechavarria $50.00
Message: I wish you all the best in your mission! Cheers!!! Miguel
Lisa Jasper $25.67
Bryan Wong $51.35
Message: Best of luck on this trip!
Jeremy Deeks $102.70
Message: Congrats Raj! Great person doing great things.
Mark Hall $25.67
Victor Khoo $102.70
Jason Mah $102.70
John Szaszkiewicz $205.40
Message: Glad to help you in a small way.. Glad people like you do these kind of things that make a big difference in other peoples' lives
Raman Takhar $102.70
Message: This will be an experience of a lifetime! Good Job Raj.
Bikramjit Grewal $102.70
Message: Serving Humanity... Love it !!!
Dawn Payne $250.00
Black Tusk Athletics Inc. $50.00
Message: Good luck Raj!!
Anonymous $102.70
Matt Purdy C/O Planet Telecom $25.00
Message: Way to go Raj - Safe travels!
Patrik Foff $205.40
Message: Congrats and good luck on your upcoming trip!
Ryan Romanko $102.70
Anonymous $205.40
Christopher Zarski $25.67
Jason Hofley $102.70
Helen KF Wong $102.70
Message: Good luck on your mission.
Barrett l kyle $25.67
Message: Good Luck Raj.
Kenny Bhullar $102.70
Message: Keep up the great work Raj! You have my support always. Thank you for giving back to those who need it most.
Joe Vos $25.67
Message: Would love to do something like this one day. Good on ya, mate!
Vince Ng $102.70
Gurb Hari $25.67
Message: Good luck Raju!

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