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Timothy Kostamo

I'm excited to return to Ecuador for my 4th year on this mission! Every year has been a unique experience, last year was particularly impactful for me as I got to see my two youngest patients ever who had needed new hips, and they were doing so well! They both had infections as children, and were crippled by pain in their late teens. What a privilege and delight to cry with joy together with them and their families and see their renewed hope for their lives after their successful surgery the year before. I look forward to another great mission, working with an amazing team to help out these wonderful and deserving people.

Goal - $3,400.00
Raised - $4,109.52

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Recent Online Donations

Name Amount
Bev Wilson $308.10
Message: This donation is in honour of Tim Kostamo. For his excellent skills in all forms of his calling as a surgeon. Who he is and what he does cannot be praised highly enough. I am grateful that he is my doctor. Bev. Wilson
Ed zadeiks $256.75
Message: Love ya Brother! God Bless you, Ewa, your family and your work! Ed
Sheila Boulton $205.40
Message: In support of Dr. Tim Kostamo and his work in Ecuador
Anonymous $300.00
Message: God Bless you brother for all you do. You will have a great treasure in heaven, and many souls will welcome you. Pray for me that I may spend my life like you saving souls. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
JF(Barry) McCormack $200.00
Peter Noes $59.57
Message: Keep up the good work.
Kevin Jeffrey $102.70
Kevin Smith $102.70
Message: Hi Tim, God bless you on your next trip to help the people.Thanks for your generosity of time, talent and treasure both away and at home!
Michael Boffo $150.00
James Dunwoody $102.70
John Low $200.00
Diane Sullivan $102.70
Graham Pate $200.00
rolson law $100.00
Message: your work bring hope to mankind, keep up this great work Tim!
Nancy D Webster $102.70
Gregory Smith $250.00
Fadi Tarazi $200.00
Anonymous $205.40
Daniel How $100.00
V12 Engineering $100.00
Message: Tim, Don't screw up on a Friday nite !! Richard III
Eila Kostamo $308.10
Message: So glad you can help people in Ecuador, once again!

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