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Barb Furler

I am a Physical Therapist at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. A bit of a "jack of all trades", I specialize in stroke and brain injury, orthopedics and burns as well as quality improvement and best practice implementation. As Canadians we are so privileged to have access to the quality of health care that we do and I'm thrilled to join the 2019 Mission for the third year as a PT to share this with those less fortunate in Ecuador. Working with patients in Quito is a hard, humbling and rewarding experience. I've learned so much more from these folks than I could ever teach them. All of this is only possible with support from our donors, thank you for taking the time to give, my only wish is that I could bottle the smiles and hugs to bring back home to you.

Goal - $6,000.00
Raised - $7,113.70

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Recent Online Donations

Name Amount
Kristy Ellsworth $50.00
Message: Barb you are an amazing person!! Safe travels :)
Janice Belter $51.35
Message: Way to go Barb- oh the difference you make!!
Michelle Roy $102.70
Gail Elton-Smith $51.35
Lynne Frank $205.40
Message: Go Brat Go! XO
Tammy da Silva-Fragoso $51.35
Message: You are an inspiration! Lots of love.
Steven Wayne Fisher $821.60
Patricia Horbasenko $51.35
Anonymous $100.00
Message: I am honoured to support you and this work.
Stacy Culbert $50.00
Jonathan Chia $100.00
Nicole & James Maryniak $102.70
Marcus Hirschfield $51.35
Marc Song $50.00
Anonymous $200.00
Reno Gandhi $51.35
Message: Best wishes on your trip
Michelle Oosterhuis $51.35
Sandy-Lynn Dykstra $205.40
Message: Great job my girl!
Russ Walker $51.35
Message: i'll take anything you can knit! All the best Barb!
Judy Townsend $513.50
Message: Go Barb and do what you do well!
Dietmar & Tracy Sedens $1,000.00
Message: Thankful Barb for your ongoing passion for and dedication to CAMTA. Cheering you on!
Tom and Alyce Oosterhuis $102.70
Message: Keep up the good work and stay healthy!
R.Jane Furler $616.20
Message: Congrats on yet another acceptance to join the team that do so much good for those less fortunate than us. Love Mom & Dad
Maartje Richardson $102.70

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