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Ashlee Dobbe

I am thrilled to be returning to Quito with the 2019 CAMTA Team. My past trips were amazing experiences, I look forward to working with such wonderful people again. Thank you for helping CAMTA make a difference in Quito, Ecuador!!

Goal - $3,400.00
Raised - $4,333.05

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Recent Online Donations

Name Amount
Travis Hanna $102.70
Katie Sweeney $102.70
Paul Ganger $1,027.00
Message: Hey there, Extravert...Kedo here. I think what youre doing is pretty damn incredible, thank you. Me and my hooman family are mega proud to be your friend. Woof!
Trevor Durie $51.35
Jade $102.70
Message: I love you Aunty Ashlee so much so my flies away to you
Anonymous $200.00
Message: It is from heaven , proud of you. Jack
Michael Davies $200.00
Chris Dobbe $102.70
Laura Lambert $51.35
Message: Wow!! Amazing!! Wishing you and your team all the best in Quinto in 2019!
Natalie Choo $51.35
Message: Yay, Ash, good luck and have fun in Quito. xo
Andrea Simmonds $50.00
Jennifer Bridge $150.00
Message: This sounds so important and so interesting - we wish you well!
Rose Harrison $102.70
Message: Proud of you, Ashley and the wonderful team of caregivers lending their talents to help these kids.
Lori Anne Archer $25.00
Message: Best of luck Dobbe!
Bruce Winton $102.70
Message: Good luck Ashlee. All the best, Bruce and Mary
Laurie and Dave McInnes $500.00
Message: Great Work Ashlee!
Anonymous $102.70
Message: Have a great trip!!
David Saliken $102.70
Message: Good job Dr. D!
Steven Krywulak $205.40
Message: Good on you for doing that Ashlee. Maybe someday when the kids are out of the picture, I might do something like that.
Jill Davies $1,000.00

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