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Recent Donations

Name Supporting Amount
Marina Cathcart Timothy Smith $100.00
Message: All the best on this adventure, Tim! Very proud of the work you do!
Sheila Goldie Timothy Smith $102.70
Brandon Doering $100.00
Message: Supporting Tim Smith
Asra Toobaie Alicia Kerrigan $50.00
Terry Joanne Montgomery $25.67
Martin Balment Timothy Smith $51.35
Message: Thank you for all you guys do
Alexander Martin Timothy Smith $102.70
David W. Smith Timothy Smith $205.40
Peter & Lindsay Tanchak Timothy Smith $50.00
Message: Great Work, have a safe and successful trip!
Parham Rasoulinejad Alicia Kerrigan $123.24
Donna Unterschultz Deb Chalupa $102.70
Message: Deb you are a shining light giving hope to people in Quito, Ecuador.
Cappy Dickey Jay Valencia $51.35
Message: Awesome purpose in life to help others, and how cool to get to do it with Martha. Have a blast down there!
Kristy Ellsworth Barb Furler $50.00
Message: Barb you are an amazing person!! Safe travels :)
Sara Menzel Kathy Bonitz $102.70
Message: Thanks for the work you do Kathy and CAMTA team.
Hilda and Gerardo Cortez Jose Islas $102.70
Susan Bennett Kathy Bonitz $150.00
Message: Wishing you another successful mission!
J.C. Eguren Professional Corp Victor Eguren-Echaiz $1,120.83
Debra Bartley Alicia Kerrigan $102.70
Anonymous Joshua Gallup $10.27
Thomas Abbass Alicia Kerrigan $20.00

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