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Name Supporting Amount
Margaret Heggie Brenda Wright $50.00
Anonymous $1.00
Meaghan Cooper $15.41
Message: for CAMTA dinner drink charges :)
scott buchanan $25.67
Kristen Redhead $20.00
april zhiwei gu $20.00
Barbara Moreau $50.00
Hermes Gordon $25.67
Mary Klute $10.27
Cheryl Holt $25.67
Message: double dinner
Shiv Grewal Charles Bouchard $102.70
Message: Keep up the INSPIRING work !
Anonymous Kathy Bonitz $102.70
Message: I really enjoyed following the the blog. Well done
Malcolm Toyad Raj Dhillon $102.70
Lucy Kerrigan Alicia Kerrigan $51.35
Message: What a fantastic and worthwhile trip. Enjoy!
Margot McFarlane Alicia Kerrigan $102.70
Message: Good luck on the mission! Enjoy Quito -a beautiful city!
Kathie Allen Karen Calhoun $100.00
Message: So proud of you and your humanitarian make a difference in so many lives...thank you! Much love, ym xoxo
Anonymous Erica Nelson $102.70
Helen Spencer Alicia Kerrigan $102.70
Elaine MacPhee Alicia Kerrigan $51.35
John Goldie Timothy Smith $102.70
Message: Espero que tengas un buen viaje primo!

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