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Recent Donations

Name Supporting Amount
Art and Faye Wesner Marni Wesner $154.05
Terry Olsen Deb Chalupa $200.00
Reynaldo Creencia Erik Soriano $102.70
Message: Good job Eric. God bless
Mary Pratt Alyssa Chappell $102.70
Silvia Roball Abella Alyssa Wilkie $50.00
Clara Ferguson Kayla Strickland $50.00
Message: All the best Kayla ==
Sharon Acheson Melanie Elhafid $51.35
Malcolm Young Marni Wesner $205.40
Navdeep Dhaliwal Deb Chalupa $102.70
Message: Amazing work you're doing!
Heather Loeppky Melanie Elhafid $102.70
Message: So proud of you for doing this Melanies!
Willy Hankinson Alyssa Wilkie $205.40
Message: You are the epitome of "Be the change you wish to see in the world"......Lead on, Alyssa!!
Rawan Ahmed Melanie Elhafid $25.00
Shannon Pilon Kayla Strickland $100.00
Gwendolyn J MacNeill Kayla Strickland $51.35
Anna Giannou Odette Brown $51.35
Message: Ur a amazing nurse.
Karen Wiebe Jackie Wiebe $200.00
Message: God bless you!
Paul Erick Sara McGale $250.00
Message: Way to go kiddo! Beth and I are very proud of you.
Anonymous Saison Demitor $330.00
Message: Proud of you and the great work that your CAMTA does for the people of Ecuador.
Gerry Toller-Lobe Erik Soriano $102.70
Message: Blessings as you share your skills, gifts and spirit!
Julianna Popowicz Melanie Elhafid $30.81

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