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Recent Donations

Name Supporting Amount
Cynthia Rowland Peggy Prodor $51.35
Luke Crosby Mark Rintoul $205.40
Message: Good Luck In Equador Uncle Mark!
Anonymous Elysia Dziwenka $102.70
Donald Lloyd $25.67
Message: To a long time friend, Michele Derbyshire (working in Sudan this year) and all the other great medical people and support staff , you are making a huge difference in peoples lives. Well Done ! !
Maggie and Jack Karen Calhoun $51.35
Message: You are the change you wish to see in the world! =•
John Moreau Marc Moreau $128.38
Donna Unterschultz Deb Chalupa $102.70
Message: Deb, you are blessing so many during your time with the medical team in Quito. Stay safe and bring back lots of good news!
Calvin Chan Paul Leung $300.00
Message: Great cause, all the best next week in Equador!
ojxidze $5.00
bjhirex $5.00
pdipxlp $5.00
jjejvav $5.00
uslcajh $5.00
aozmlnd $5.00
srrlffu $5.00
jzfizat $5.00
Jimmy L Lucas Christa Gelasco $25.00
Anonymous Peggy Prodor $25.67
Message: You are amazing Peggy !
sad sad Carole Dugas $5.00
Shane Labelle Shelaina Anderson $105.00
Message: Have fun! <3

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