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Recent Donations

Name Supporting Amount
Jill Davies Ashlee Dobbe $1,000.00
Evan Lockwood Deborah Mears $102.70
Anonymous Natalie Mack $102.70
Chris Hodgson Alastair Hodgson $50.00
Carol Mastoris Hermes Gordon $25.00
Message: Good luck Hermes, and thank you for participating in this wonderful mission.
Sean Brett Mairi Gordon $200.00
Sean Brett Meaghan Cooper $200.00
Guy Alfred Thibault Yvonne Sawchyn $513.50
Melody Hallen Sarah Lockhart $51.35
Message: Way to go =M<ýd
Julie-Anne Lemay Natalie Mack $25.00
Paul McDonald Natalie Mack $25.67
Message: Sounds like a great cause to me
Guy Woolsey April Zhiwei Gu $102.70
=] Natalie Mack $5.14
Helen Vukadinovic Ivan Kamikovski $51.35
Message: Donation from Helen Vukadinovic processed by Tanja Kundacina
Sophia Chreptyk Sarah Lockhart $51.35
Message: What an awesome experience Sarah! Safe travels! Looking forward to hearing al about it. Sophie and Vince
Anonymous Kristen Redhead $154.05
Message: Another Donski contribution to put you over your goal!!
vahedah mehrabani $25.67
Message: Good luck with the trip, I hope to do the same some day soon! :)
Tomislav Tisler Ivan Kamikovski $100.00
Karen Yip Ellen Coristine $100.00
Message: Great job, Ellen!
James Kosowan Kristen Redhead $50.00

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