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Recent Donations

Name Supporting Amount
Anonymous Kathy Bonitz $100.00
Terry Fannon Marni Wesner $100.00
Alain Beland Erika Nguyen $100.00
Message: Good luck Erika!
Priscilla Thomas Barb Furler $40.00
Message: = Hurrah!
HUGH RICHTER AND GILL HOLLAND Joanne Montgomery $2,000.00
Message: Keep up the good work
Garth Smith Faisal Kassam $100.00
Esther Der Veronica Kong $50.00
Message: So proud of you! Good luck!
Don Greenfield Cathleen Clarke $100.00
Message: good work Cathleen and CAMTA
Merle Taylor Juanita Davies $200.00
Marnie Lusis Timothy Smith $100.00
Connie Alderete Karen Calhoun $100.00
Anonymous Dasha Johnston $25.00
Melissa Hayek Ozorio Jim Davies $200.00
Message: Thanks for all you do!
Melissa Hayek Ozorio Juanita Davies $200.00
Message: Thanks for all you do!
Verna Klassen Joanne Montgomery $50.00
Helen Marie Roche Heather Jackman $250.00
Message: Keep up the great work you do.
Anonymous Timothy Kostamo $100.00
Message: Blessings!
Jackie Lewyk Greg Zinter $50.00
Message: To be invited to help improve the quality of a child's life or an adult's life makes my heart smile! Good work Greg & Team!!
Jenel Hetterle Saison Demitor $50.00
John Schile Jim Raso $200.00

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