Beautiful Scarf Fundraiser

Looking for a perfectly unique Christmas gift? Sandra Muchekeza, CAMTA lay person volunteer is selling some beautiful African pashmina scarves and kikoi wraps to fundraise for her participation at the mission to Quito.

The word “Kikoi” (or Kikoy) is derived from Swahili and means ‘wrap’ or ‘something to wrap around you’. A kikoi is a traditional rectangle of hand woven cloth in brightly striped colors. Originating from the African east coast, particularly Kenya and Tanzania and as far as the Horn of Africa, the Kikoi is now ubiquitous across the continent. It is most commonly viewed a type of sarong but the name itself denotes the versatility of this beautiful piece of apparel. It can be used as a scarf, shawl, skirt, baby sling, towel, head wrap, dress, and so much more. A useful item that once you own you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

The scarves go for $20 and the Kikois are $25.

Contact Sandra at if you would like one or two or more!