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2018 Mission

Welcome to CAMTA Team 2018! We have a great mix of "veteran" volunteers and new faces.

Please scroll down the list, choose your "favourite" volunteers and help them reach their fundraising goals!

Name Role
Adela Sandigo Gross RN – Ward – Adult
Alessandra Gessner Physician - Family Practice
Alex Cerezo Translator
Alexandra Smolinski Physiotherapist
Aline Pourbaix Young Administration
Alyssa Chappell RN – Ward – Pediatric
Alyssa Wilkie RN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Amy Rausch RN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Angela Neufeld Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Anna Hebert Physiotherapist
Barb Moreau Administration
Barb Furler Physiotherapist
Bev Runka RN – Recovery Room – Pediatric
Brenda Wright RN – Ward – Adult
Carole Dugas Lay Person
Cathleen Clarke RN – Operating Room – Adult
Christa Gelasco Lay Person
Damaris Gaete Ortega Translator
Danielle Becker RN – Ward – Adult
Dasha Johnston RN – Recovery Room – Pediatric
Deb Chalupa RN – Ward – Adult
Dedra Scott Respiratory Therapist
Denise Raman-Nair RN – Recovery Room – Pediatric
Don Dick Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Donna Brown RN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Edward Masson Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Ella Dunlop Student - General
Elysia Dziwenka Lay Person
Eric Entwistle RN – Recovery Room – Adult
Erica Nelson RN – Ward – Adult
Erik Soriano Physiotherapy Assistant
Erika Nguyen Physician - Anesthesiologist - Pediatric
Florian Rudolph Physician - Anesthesiologist - Pediatric
Francisco Gallardo Translator
Gillian Kent RN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Gordon Giesbrecht Lay Person
Grant Clarke Communications – Mission Blogger
Greg Zinter Information Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk
Heather Perl RN – Operating Room – Adult
Jackie Wiebe Administration
Jance McGale Resident - Orthopedics
Jay Valencia Translator
Joanne Montgomery Physiotherapist
Jordan Bunda Communications – Mission Blogger
Julie Cadrin RN – Ward – Pediatric
Justine Ferguson Physiotherapy Assistant
Justine Tolentino RN – Operating Room – Adult
Karen Calhoun Lay Person
Kathy Bonitz RN – Operating Room – Adult
Kayla Strickland RN – Ward – Adult
Khaled Almansoori Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Krystle Chilibecki Physiotherapist
Liz Hoeppner Physician - Anesthesiologist - Pediatric
Lormirra Jezelle Alcantara RN – Ward – Pediatric
Mairi Gordon RN – Recovery Room – Adult
Marc Moreau Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Maria Echaiz-Eguren Translator
Maria Siegrist O.R. Technician
Marina Francis RN – Operating Room – Pediatric
Mark Rintoul Respiratory Therapist
Marni Wesner Physician - Family Practice
Martha Valencia Translator
Megan Schafers RN – Ward – Pediatric
Melanie Elhafid Translator
Natasha Dugas Student – Nursing
Neethling van den Heever Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Neil Saran Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Pediatric
Nicole Masson Student - General
Nicole Webb Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Odette Brown O.R. Technician
Olivier Gauthier-Kwan Resident - Orthopedics
Omer Ahmad Information Technologist/Patient Admitting Clerk
Paul Leung Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Pauline Worsfold RN – Recovery Room – Adult
Paulose Paul Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Peggy Prodor Lay Person
Rachel Oates Physiotherapist
Rayanne Hillier RN – Operating Room – Adult
Ricardo Rodas RN – Operating Room – Adult
Robert Seal Physician - Anesthesiologist - Pediatric
Ryan Titley RN – Ward – Adult
Ryan Wright Physician - Family Practice
Saison Demitor O.R. Technician
Sara McGale Student - General
Sarah Ngo Lay Person
Shelaina Anderson Resident - Family Medicine
Shinner Hsu RN – Ward – Adult
Silvia Martin Translator
Steve Chevalier Lay Person
Surita Sidhu Physician - Anesthesiologist - Adult
Sussana Gaviria Translator
Tara Beatson RN – Ward – Pediatric
Timothy Kostamo Physician - Orthopedic Surgeon - Adult
Troy Bornes Resident - Orthopedics
Veronica Kong Administration
YOUJIN CHANG Resident - Orthopedics
Yvonne Sawchyn Lay Person

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